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Check the weather on your Xiaomi smartphone


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If you have a Xiaomi smartphone, you've probably already noticed MIUI Weather installed on it. With this app, you can check the weekly weather forecast at a glance. If you want to stay on top of the weather each week, this is the perfect way to know whether you need an umbrella or jacket.

From the MIUI Weather menu, you can see the current temperature, air quality, wind speed, and sunrise and sunset times, among many other things. You can also check all this information by the hour, so you can plan ahead if you know you'll be out all day.

What's more, this app isn't limited to one day; instead, it shows you important information for the entire week. You can also check the weather in your city or anywhere else in the world, which is handy if you have a trip planned.

One of the best parts about MIUI Weather is that you can create a personalized widget to check the weather without opening the app. Change its size and place it wherever you want for easy access.